Tahsan Hospitalized After Jon Kabir Uploaded A Selfie With Mithila


Jon Kabir, the vocals of the rock band Black, uploaded a selfie yesterday with Mithila, the ex-wife of ex vocals of Black, Tahsan.  The social media immediately went into a frenzy and started making wild speculations, and given the caption of the photo, it’s easy to see why.


Soon after the photo was uploaded, it was heard that Tahsan didn’t seem to take too well to the news, as sources close to the singer reported this morning that he was admitted in one of Dhaka’s top hospitals(they refused to reveal the name of the hospital stating Tahsan asked to be left alone and was in no mood to talk to anyone). Though the exact cause of hospitalization was not explicitly revealed, the sources hinted it was caused due to severe mental trauma, heartbreak, and pain of being betrayed by a friend. To be fair though, this isn’t the first time Jon and Mithila were seen together: they had done work with each other before.


Uploading an intimate picture with your ex-band member’s ex wife captioned “content” is a surefire way to stir up the crowds, and it would seem that shock value was exactly what Jon was after. Most people speculated this was the beginning of a budding romance between these two, and some even wondered if this was a move of revenge on Jon’s part, served cold.


As much as we (and Tahsan, probably) would love to believe this is nothing more than a publicity stunt, the timing of various events do seem quite suspicious. Tahsan quit Black out of the blue, shocking millions  in 2005, only after a year he first met Mithila. Jon and Mithila were often seen together back then as well, and maybe Tahsan was unsure of Jon’s motives back then, prompting him to create some distance between the pair forcefully. And now, once more, just a year after Tahsan and Mithila’s divorce, the pair is seen together in public again!

What do you think? Is it all just an elaborate publicity stunt from Jon and Mithila? Or are we about to see a new love blossom? Let us know!


Written by Max Vergil

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