Student Went Crazy & Naked As Modhur Canteen Chef Cooked Magic Shroom


This unusual story happened in TSC’s Modhur Canteen. Main Chef of this canteen cooked magic shroom mistakenly. This place is very famous for different kind of snacks. They have a very famous item that is mushroom Fry.


It was a random sunny day. Like all other days, chef had bought the supplies from his old vendor and cooked most wanted mushroom fries. And also like all other days, students, couples, mavericks came to have snacks from this particular canteen. But that day after eating famous mushroom fry , nothing usual happened like all other days. All of them who consumed mushroom fries went so nuts. They started to take off their cloths and and they were doing crazy weird stuffs. After this occurrence , authority interrogate  chef.


He said ,” I had no idea what happened. I just cooked Mushroom Fries like everyday as people love it. But after eating it people started to laugh and talks weirdly. Few of them was crying holding trees. Few of them took off their clothes and said continuously ,’ We don’t need clothes in this Nude Beach’. Few of them was saying that they are God. I don’t know how this happened but I don’t have any fault.” We got to know few people are still tripping balls and thinking  that they are now in an another planet, also they are no human but alien.


Written by Eleven

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