Student Faps To Death For Being Single Before Valentine’s Day


Turkish Hope is a famous English medium school in Bangladesh as we all know. But recently there was an incident which was only known to us. A student from the institution almost killed himself by fapping 69 times on 13th February. He was admitted to the local hospital as he lost the capability of being a dad.


As we all know valentines day is nearby and we are very eager to spend our special day with our special person. But it is a day of utter dismay and sorrow for those who are single. The single’s seemed to have declared this day among themselves as the National Mourning Day.

So similarly the student form the Turkish Hope School was sad that he broke up with his girlfriend just before valentines. He was very depressed and just made him away from every other person. But the only friend he had was fapping and Salmon TheBrownfish content. So he just didn’t miss out such opportunity.


So he bought all the bottles of shampoo from all brands and lotions and made a proper valentines mourning. Our condolence to him and wish him a speedy recovery and return back to his normal life.


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