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Student Drops Out Of BUET To Study In Green University


This article might be hurtful to read for those who just got their hearts broken during the admission tests after not getting into BUET, the gold mine for a better future according to most Bangladeshi mothers.


Ashiqur Rahman was a third year student at BUET. He ranked 21st in his BUET admission test. But like every other ungrateful human being, he was not satisfied with his perfect little life. Something was missing according to him but he couldn’t quite understand what. Until he watched “Sacred Games”. The series inspired him. He wanted to do something “daring” in his life time. So he did the most daring thing any Bangladeshi university student can do. He dropped out of BUET to study in Green University. He told his parents that he wanted to promote environment friendly institutions and nothing could be greener for earth than Green University. After graduating from university in 7 years, Ashiqur  now has a “Cha er Dokan” in front of BUET where he sells Cha and life advice for the BUET students. In a way, you can call him the unpaid guidance counselor for BUET students.



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