Student Becomes Atheist After Sitting For IBA Admission Test


Admission test is a hard phase for every student but for Sumaiya Khondokar, admission test was the gateway to atheism . Sumaiya had been preparing for IBA admission tests for the past 6 years. She was so dedicated towards IBA preparations that she didn’t study a word during her SSC and HSC examinations because she wanted to save her brains for IBA prep. She spent half of her father’s fortune trying to buy question papers to pass her HSC.


When the day finally came for her to put all her sacrifices to the test, she realized that she couldn’t even solve a single question in the admission test. She couldn’t take this betrayal. She thought since she never used her brains before that day, her brains would remain brand new for the exam and she would finish the exam in 20mins. But turns out that’s not how the brain works. Everything she ever believed turned out to be untrue. she sat in the exam hall and though how her whole life was a lie and the only person to blame for this was god. She was mad because god didn’t make the questions easier. She was mad because god didn’t give her first class brains. She was even more mad when she realized god is going to make her go to NSU now that she is failing IBA admission tests. Since that day, she has been an atheist ever since.



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