Student Aged 24, Dies Because Of Brain Stroke For Passing Exams


A level is one of the toughest exams on earth which is experienced by most of the candidates who sit for examinations under Edexcel and Cambridge board. Being a student of A levels it is seen that the probability of seating for repeats is at the peak of 99.5%. A private candidate who was a resident of Gulshan, named Khaled passed out because of facing trauma. The trauma he faced was shocking!


When the results were about to get published, the population of people inside the mosque increased a few hours before. And while everyone was leaving the place Khaled went straight to the British council for checking his results. After 1 hour of long wait, he finally got to see his outstanding results which he achieved after repeating for 10 times! Seeing all “A” grades instead of “U” caused his dopamine levels to go crazy. Which ultimately lead to brain stroke! His last words were, “Finally, 10th repeat a pass korlum, akon biye korte parbo!” His news of being dead made other friends of his to switch and do GED instead of dying because of stroke.



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