Starbucks To Secretly Open At Mirpur


After Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut, the next big food giant to enter Bangladesh is STARBUCKS. They have selected MIPUR to be their first shops location.


Since Mirpur is a place from where it is really hard to come out of, Starbucks thought that the huge population of Mirpur would be a great market to tap into given they have a hard time travelling to any other part of Bangladesh. Thus in the coming winter, Mirpur residents can now easily sit in traffic all day and enjoy their Starbucks coffee. Starbucks has also been thinking to open another shop in Uttara since it is similar to Mirpur i.e. detached from life in Bangladesh, the population of Uttara would also very easily have been persuaded to buy a cup of coffee at the cost of selling their kidneys. So, this winter gear up to have your pumpkin latte while you enjoy your miserable life in Mirpur and Uttara.



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