SSC Examinee Boy Attaches His Hip With Glue To His Chair To Read Attentively But Falls In Problem Later


SSC exam is knocking at the door. SSC examinee students are taking their preparation to ensure good result. Niloy is also one of them. He is a very meritorious student. He is also determined to make a good result in SSC so that he can get admitted into a reputed college.


But what he did two days ago to concentrate properly on study was really surprising. He bought a glue from a nearby shop, used it on his chair & sat on that. He thought that it would make him fixed to the chair so that he can read attentively. But later he started falling in various problems. He couldn’t go to washroom, couldn’t go to other places. He felt a lot of pain in his hip too.


A doctor was called in yesterday to detach him from the chair. After some treatment, he was set free from the chair by the help of the doctor & he promised that he would never do anything stupid with any of his sensitive organs.


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