Some Lazy Passengers Of A Long Route Bus Are Beaten For Not Receiving The Call Of Nature In Comilla


When we travel by long route buses in the country, we find the mid break of the journey most of the time after reaching Comilla so that the passengers can refresh in the fresh air, have some snacks or receive the call of nature there.


But something else happened in a journey of a long route bus last week. The bus stopped in Comilla at 4.00 am. The bus driver & helper came down from the bus to remove their dullness. Meanwhile they found that some passengers were still sitting in the bus when they came back. They expected them to come out & receive the call of nature or do other stuffs. But they didn’t do so for their laziness. That made them angry including other passengers. So they beat those lazy passengers.


So if you travel by any long route bus & the bus stops at Comilla, you need to make sure that you come out of the bus to receive the call of nature by sacrificing your comfort.


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