Solaiman Shukhon Admitted To Hospital After Watching Game Of Thrones


Game of Thrones released a new trailer just a few weeks back. As fans are patiently waiting for the series to release its final season and find out who conquers the throne, one particular fan in Bangladesh couldn’t contain his emotions after watching the trailer.


Solaiman Shukhon is a semi-famous individual in Bangladesh. He is a very funny and charming person. However, when it comes to containing his excitement, he is an amateur. Being a very huge fan of game of throne for obvious reasons i.e. sexy men without shirts, Solaiman Shukhon watched the game of thrones trailer the moment it came out. However, 25seconds into the trailer, Solaiman had a panic attack. He realized he has to wait at least 6 more months to find out how the dragons fight each other, and at that moment, out of sheer excitement, he fell down and hit his head. He is now admitted in Japan Bangladesh friendship hospital while the whole country prays for his swift recovery.



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