Shantinagar Teen Caught Using Drone For Stalking Girls In VNS

Perverts are everywhere and stopping them is getting tougher day by day. Modern technology has made the life of perverts easier and they seem to find new ways to stalk everyday.

Radat Haque, a 17 years old single teen living in Shantinagar who always had a fascination for YAHAMA R15 V2 isn’t getting much action in his dating life since he doesn’t have the bike. Radat is the youngest son in his family and has always been a little shy since his childhood. In spite of being shy, Radat is really good with modern technology and is a pro stalker. Radat recently got caught while stalking girl in VNS with his drone, which he got as a gift from his uncle. Radat was flying his drone on top on VNS’s building and stalking the girls. A girl noticed the drone and informed the authorities. The authority took immediate action and caught Radat.

Radat confessed to his crime and was forgiven by the authority. Though, the authority seized his drone.

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