Shantinagar Girl Threatens Her Boyfriend For Not Responding To Her Meme Tag

Whether we love a person, hate a person or they are just there in our Facebook friend list, what we do is, mention them in the comments of a meme. In other words, today, we just “tag each other in memes” and that’s perfectly safe to say that it’s a mode of communication.

So, what would you do if you tag someone and they don’t reply to you in the comments? Not like reply to you within a timeframe, but not at all reply to you simply because “they forgot.”

That’s awful!

So, a Shantinagar girl named Maisha took a stance. She tagged her boyfriend, Munim, in a meme, but he merely forgot to reply to the meme tag. The next thing that she did was threaten her. What threaten?

She told him that she’s going to dump him and get back to her ex-boyfriend, who also used to be his best friend. And nothing would hurt Munim more than anything if she had returned to this one particular ex. He didn’t want this to happen in any way. However, Munim knew that much of his time was lost.

He already wasted enough time playing PUBG on his phone that he quite ignored when his girlfriend tagged him in the meme. So, he immediately went on to check what the meme was about. Luckily, it was something written in Urdu, which Munim clearly did not understand. He had to ask his friend, who then had to translate it to him.

Munim used this as an excuse to persuade Maisha that he did not understand what was written in the meme and that he forgot to ask her to explain. Thankfully, Maisha understood the matter and she forgave her Baby Boo for not replying.

We hope that they are good after what just happened.

LESSON GUYS: Never ever forget to reply to a meme, no matter whoever tags you in it. Show some respect!

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