Shadow Of Apple Logo Turned Me Into An Apple Product Now I Live The Posh Life


I am just a poor boy from a poor family. Also nobody loves me for that.Sometimes wish I’d never been born at all. And sometimes I felt Queen wrote this Bohemian Rhapsody song for me. Why god made me so poor I can’t even buy a iPhone 4 when all my friends are using iPhone X. I can’t bear posh dates. Girls doesn’t want to date me. Life can’t be more pathetic than it.


But a miracle happened one day. It was a sunny day. It was 14th February but who cares, i was going for classes because i don’t have a date. I was sitting in a local bus.Sunshine on my shoulders made me happy. Suddenly I saw my leg got a iPhone logo. Then I noticed it was a shadow of iPhone logo. A old aged uncle who sat next to me was holding a iPhone. I instantly clicked a photo of that shadow with my 2nd hand Oppo phone. It was looking like I was holding an iPhone. Baas, my life was made there. I posted that photo in social medias.


Girls thought i have a iPhone and I’m posh. All the pretty gold digger girls started to knock me. They’re still doing. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Now they love me just like they love apple products. I’m now living the posh life for that shadow. Thanks to that uncle , his iPhone and sunshine that made the shadow and made me happy also my 2nd hand Oppo phone.


Written by Eleven

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Shadow Of Apple Logo Turned Me Into An Apple Product – Now I Live The Posh Life