Selena Gomez Pre-Ordered 100 Copies Of Mahfuzur Rahman’s Upcoming Album

If someone asks you, what is the hottest news of the present world? What will your answer be? Definitely, your answer will be ‘Dr Mahfuzur Rahman’s eid album’. Selena Gomez took it to another level. She ordered around hundreds of album that is going to be released in Eid! Selena Gomez is one of the finest singers of the present English music industry. Her voice is as sweet as her face. A singer is crazy about music, is known to all. He/she doesn’t care about the language the song is sung. Selena showed us the proof.

Famous Bangladeshi singer Mahfuzur Rahman is going to release his third solo album in this eid. Bangladeshi people have gone mad after hearing this. This madness crossed another level when they heard that their favorite Selena Gomez has just pre-ordered hundreds of Mahfuzur Rahman’s album. When asked about the feeling of that news, Mahfuzur said, “I am proud of myself. Mahfuzur Rahman is the best singer of the world. Selena Gomez is a baby to me. So, baby will buy his favorite singer’s album. Nothing to be surprised!”

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