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Scholastica Student Transferred to Bangla Medium After Parents Find Out He Smokes Gold Leaf Switch


Md. Abdullah Rokib, 19 is the son of the owner of a leading businessman of the country. He currently studies in Scholastica and enjoys many of the privileges of being born in an upper-class family in the country. Like most other Scholastica students, Rokib used to be very active on Snapchat – constantly posting photos of cars, alcohol and cigarettes. Disaster ensued when Rokib accidentally showed a Gold Leaf Cigarette in his snapchat story. Initially, the screenshot went viral in his batch which later spread across the school. The school was not concerned at his smoking habit – but rather of his Gold Leaf Switch smoking habit.

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The school promptly informed his family. His father was undergoing a massive loss after this, as his stock prices had dropped to an all-time low for unknown reasons but soon, he figured out the reason, Gold Leaf Switch. Furious, he confronted his son and allegedly disowned him of all the property he was meant to acquire and shifted him to a local Bangla Medium School at Mohammadpur, near their residence.


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In an exclusive interview with 14Again, he said “Look, I love my son – but my son is not someone who tarnishes my family’s image. Ever since he has grown up, never have we deprived him. We have spoilt him, given him cars, sent him to a great school – he has no reason to smoke this degenerate brand of Cigarettes!” Rokib has been reported to now smoking Hollywood.


Written by Bhallagena

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