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Scholastica Student To Get Expelled For Seducing His Teacher With Axe Dark Temptation


Most of us at 13 ran around the school with our friends or played football with empty cans during recess in school, but in today’s world 13 Year old boys are playing on another level.


We came across a story of a 13 year old boy named Faisal who was recently expelled from Scholastica over gross misconduct of school rules. But what caught our attention was the reason behind his expulsion; apparently he seduced one of the young Kindergarten teacher to go down his little lollipop.

So many of the sad loners out there must be thinking how did a 13 year old kid manage to do that? Well first of all his seduction skills are on a different level then most of you, and he also used Axe Dark Temptation to lure his prey.

Faisal, the foxy cunning lil guy that he is knew very well that this particular teacher was unmarried, and that her excitement nether region must have been itching since forever. So one Thursday he re-applied his Axe on his shirt and under his pants and went to the teacher in her office and did his seducing magic. She was not sure in the beginning but in the end she couldn’t resist and went down on him to help herself to a chocolate flavoured lollipop.


Before he could get any more lucky they were discovered by a male teacher who was probably lurking around the office to flirt on the teacher himself, and took Faisal to the principal. The teacher blamed Faisal saying she was hypnotized by him with his perfume; her case is still under investigation and undecided. But Faisal was immediately sent home and was asked to take TC from the school thereafter.

We could feel bad for Faisal but should we? He probably has no regrets and being the little devil he is planning his next move for his future target.We can fairly say we’ve never come across another 13 year old like him. We will keep an eye open for any mischief caused by him in future and will let you know if we come across any.


Written by Goodboi

Have you known anyone whom when you met for the first time and found the person to be an introvert, shy, and as you get to know the person he/she turns out to be an absolute beast? That's me for short and since you already know half of me the rest of me is comprised of - memes, memes (again), some more memes, football, tech.

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