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Scholastica Student Pissed On His Bed Claiming Himself As Aquaman


A boy living with his family pissed on his bed last night. He claimed he saw that he was the king under the ocean when his mom dad asked him about the reason.

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The boy also informed that he was given a mission with Bruce Wayne which was rejected by Bruce Wayne himself. So he went on proving himself with his army of water minions defeating spider man. So he was given the title of king under water in real life and in his dream also.


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Now the boy is said to be peeing every night on his bed in order to save the mankind in his dreams. This story started to influence more teenage boys which became a matter of caution to guardians. Peeing on bed has now become a trend. So it is a matter of research that aquaman lives within us. We can find him whenever we sleep and pee, making teenagers aquaman.


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