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Sanayee Mahbob Arrested For Molesting A Child With The Big Fruits On Her Chest


Sanayee Mahbob is well known for having big melons and she hit the spotlight for having huge fruits on her chest. Recently she was arrested by the DMP this morning for molesting a child with her fruits and now she is under surveillance for her action and it spread like wildfire.


The child reported he was playing with his friends in day care where Sanayee approached him, while she was trying to adore the child she hit him bad with the melons which made his face numb. As he couldn’t eat nor talk, he silently approached his parents to let them know what happened with him in day care. His parents filed a case against her and she was arrested immediately for her stupidity.

Sanayee informed her lawyer to rescue her from the cells but child molestation is a big crime, now she feels sorry for what she did and even apologized to the young lad but he isn’t ready to forgive her. She even flashed her melons to the child but he isn’t impressed anyway, now the fight is leading to a war.



Written by Riasat Hossain

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