Ananta Jalil Is Going To Be The Next “JAMES BOND” After Daniel Craig


As rumours suggest, Ananta Jalil is in talking with Columbia Pictures AKA Sony to be the next James Bond, along with his wife taking the lead for the female actress alongside his portrayal of James Bond. The rumours are also revolving around renaming the legend James Bond to James Bomb and Barsha’s portrayal of the female lead to be known as Rain Bond.


Both the legendary actors were born in Bangladesh and they both are well known amongst the youth and the old generation of 007 fans, the actors were last seen leaving for Italy which is the most suitable filming location for the upcoming Bond Film.


On the other hand, Daniel Craig is basically done being James Bond cause according to him sleeping with too many random random ladies for the Bond films is just too much stressing for him so he is directly retiring.


Written by Riasat Hossain

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