Rohingya Gets Kicked Out Of Wedding For Eating 3 Plates Of Biryani

Nobody wants problems in their wedding and some would do literally anything to not ruin their wedding. Every wedding has people who just come for the free food and Bundam Azek is one of them.Bundam Azek is a Rohingya who is staying in Bangladesh as a refugee. He was lucky enough to have some friends in Bangladesh and so he didn’t have much problem getting along with other fellow Bangladeshis.

One of these new Bangladesh friends of his invited him to a wedding last week. Unfortunately, Bundam couldn’t eat anything before he attended the wedding and as a result, when the waiters started serving food, Bundam became a maniac and ate 3 plates of Biryani. You might think that 3 plates of Biryani was his limit but no, it seemed like he had barely started. It was evident there’ll be a crisis of food if Bundam kept eating, thus Bundam’s friend had to kick Bundam out of the wedding.

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