Robert Bruce Admitted That He Saw Some Barca Fans In The Cave Before Seeing Spider

The great warrior Robert Bruce is a name of ultimate motivation. He learnt a lesson from the life of a spider in an old cave after being defeated in a war. But, recently, he has admitted that he found some Barcelona fans there before seeing the spider.

Barcelona, with its co-clubs, were knocked out of the champions league. Manchester City, Ajax and Barcelona itself were terribly knocked out of UCL. Few days ago, Barcelona fans were mocking Real Madrid fans for being knocked out of UCL even after winning it for three consecutive times. But, karma is an absolute bitch. It hit them back. Now, they are finding holes to hide.

Robert Bruce went to a cave to take shelter after being defeated. He was motivated there by a spider. But, before seeing the spider, he saw some Barcelona fans hiding there. They were all the people who were mocking others just being able to play semi finals after so many years!

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