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Rickshaw-Puller Turns Into A Millionaire After Joining A MUN Session


This story is about a young rickshaw puller who came to Dhaka in search of living. He studied upto class 8 in his village. He was good in studies. But poverty forced him to be a Rickshaw puller. He brought a Rickshaw and came to Dhaka. Here in Dhaka, he saw all the big buildings and wished having one of his own. He always dreamt to be a millionaire. But it was impossible for him. But once a miracle occurred!


A couple of friends were discussing about MUN while riding on his rickshaw and he was hearing them silently. One of the friends said to the other, “Dosto tui MUN join korbi? Okhane gele to life set. Jei maal maal Maiya thake! Shob gula English medium er Maiya!” Ting dong! Ting dong! The Last Line struck a bell in the rickshaw puller’s mind. He knew how much money is required for studying in English medium schools. He felt that his dream about being a millionaire is about to be fulfilled. He dropped down the passengers on their destination and didn’t take any more trips that day! He made a plan to get a girl from that event and become a millionaire!

He had some saved money. With that money, he got himself admitted in a school. He carried out his educational expenses with the money that he earns daily by his rickshaw. And after almost 2 years, he felt that he is ready to go to MUN. He sold his rickshaw. With that money, he brought some clothes for wearing in the event and registered for the event. He transformed his looks from a Saloon. He became like Obaydul Kader from Hero Alom! And finally that day arrived!


He joined the MUN. He impressed everyone with his charm. And guess what? By the end of the event, he got a girl! He married the girl after the event(Child marriage though) and thus he became a millionaire! Moral of the story: “Pull a Rickshaw and hear what the passengers say!”


Written by Panta Ilish

If you are a Bengali, you already love me :)

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