Rich Man From Gulshan Found Guilty For Adding Water To His Shampoo To Make It Last Longer

Where do you usually buy your cosmetics from? Almas? Dhali’s? Abroad? Oh, and in this new technological era, online. Well, whichever your mode of buying your cosmetics might be, one thing is very common among us; many of us put water to dilute the shampoo in order to make it last longer.

However, the question is, is it actually a good idea to add water to your shampoo? The answer to this question depends. If it’s a shampoo that lathers up and needs a thorough cleanup to rinse it out all, you can take some of it in your palm, mix some water and dilute the shampoo in your palm. Instead of adding water to a bottle of shampoo, that’s a better option.

On the other hand, if your shampoo does not later, it may become a little more diluted to remove the oil and dirt from your hair. Sulphate makes your hair dry and brittle for which you might need to switch to a sulphate-free shampoo. A shampoo that contains less sulphate will not produce a rich lather. Avoid adding water to shampoos that are formulated for scalp conditions likes eczema and dandruff.

Well now coming back to the story, a Gulshan guy was evidently found guilty for adding water to his shampoo. Although he did this to make his shampoo sustain longer, the reason why he was found guilty is that he’s quite well off but still he’s quite a miser. He never treats his friends for his birthday, neither does he gift them presents.

So, his friend got to know about this and thus, they filed a police report to get this ugly truth out of him! Guys, this seems like a sign that you should never add water to your shampoo in order to make it last longer.

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