Reactivate Your Old Account To Know Who Asked You Anonymous Questions Back In 2012


How old were you in 2012? 16? Okay, 18? But we are sure you had one of those accounts because it was so cool back then. It was all about anonymous people asking you random questions about your life or dropping you compliments that you and your friends would cherish throughout your day in school. Now that you look back, you feel that you were so curious and desperate during those times of your life.

That’s not too bad. With the grind of life, we almost forget what was all about and so did we forget about who sent us those messages through that platform. And then happened. We’re sure most of you had one of those accounts, too. However, after had the rumour of revealing the names of the anonymous admirers, many have reportedly stopped using the platform.Now, coming back to the topic, has made a comeback. The reason? The founders of the platform wanted to reveal the anonymous names of those who had confessed their hate and love through the platform.

The founders believe that it was more of a cyberbullying platform than it was for entertainment. About 62% of the teenagers had attempted to commit suicide merely because they received hate comments from anonymous confessors, according to studies. Not only cyberbullying, but youngsters are also reportedly body shamed, criticised based on their appearance and potentially humiliated for being who they are.

That’s not even something that the founders were liable for.

So, good news for those who had one of those accounts and were looking forward to receiving the names of their haters. Stay tuned and reactivate your accounts while the platform reveals the names of those anonymous people.

Now, the world is going to be a much better place to live in!

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