Ranbir Kapoor Is Getting Married! FINALLY!


2018 has been the year that made our dreams come true with an epic Ravneer and Deepika wedding. Everything about that wedding was perfect. In fact, it was so magical that we are yet to recover from the it. However, the Bollywood actors never cease to amuse us. Just 2 week after the magical wedding, we are hearing the wedding bells ring for another Bollywood favorite , Ranbir Kapoor.


Our sources say that Ranbir Kapoor was devastated after seeing pictures of Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding. He was so miserable that he drunk dialed Deepika and confessed his undying love for her. But Deepika broke his heart and told him that she loved Ranveer and wants to be happily married to him. Hearing this Ranbir Kapoor was super embarrassed and he decided to prove to Deepika that he does not need her. So, Ranbir decided to get married to prove to Deepika that he can live without her and she does not matter to him anymore. Our sources also say that Ranbir’s bride to be is probably going to be Aliya Bhaat, his latest female interest.



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