Rabindranath Confirmed That Jaya Ahsan Was His Classmate Once

Many old, even ancient persons, have claimed that they used to study in the same class with Jaya Ahsan. This time nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore confirmed the truth once again.

Everybody is confused about Jaya Ahsan’s real age. Some people claim that her age is declining with the passage of time instead of increasing. Her social media photos also represent the truth. Again, some people claim that Jaya’s age is more than hundred. Well, no one is correct when the question is about Jaya Ahsan’s age. So, we have to believe all the rumours around us.

This time, the great poet of this continent, Rabindranath Tagore also claimed that Jaya Ahsan was also his classmate. Rabindranath said, “I and Jaya were good friends during our school days. I wrote some letters to her also. I proposed her but she refused me saying that she was older than me.”

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