Raba Khan’s Phone Was Unable To Detect Her Face Without Make Up


Popular celebrity Raba Khan reportedly found in Bashundhara city for to fix her Iphone X. She claims that she is unable to open his phone at home as it can’t detect her face.  However she can easily open her phone outside, so after waiting for a week, she went out for the solution.

When she took her phone to fix the problem, no one was able to detect the problem. So the mobile technician went to her home to find out what was wrong.  They went home and still it could detect her face. Then Raba said that it usually doesn’t works when she comes back from washroom. So she went to washroom and took her make up off and came back to the technician. This time the phone was unable to recognize her face. While she was trying to open her phone, the phone technician had a brain stroke as soon as he saw Raba without make-up. He was immediately taken to hospital and was in Coma for 3days and took his last breathe.

Meanwhile Raba Khan was planning to make “Bandhobi-2” and question what can she do to open her Iphone X. But before she could do this, his fellow technician came to her house blindfold and told that the problem is her make up, as her face with make up and without make up doesn’t match at all.

Reports claim that all other technicians of Bashundhara city will call a 72hours strike despite the death of their fellow technician. They all telling that they want Raba Khan’s death penalty as the highest punishment.

But was Raba Khan able to open her iPhone X yet? We will  find It out very soon…


Written by Kleejmb123


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