Raba Khan Went to Meet Kylie Jenner’s Doctor To Fix Her Nose

We all know, Raba Khan is famous for her youtubing videos. Though she has millions of fans, there are many people who hates her too. One of the reason for hating her is her nose. She has a very big nose like the Mount Everest.

Recently from our sources we came to know that, she went to America last year to meet the doctor of Kylie Jenner who did her plastic surgery. Already you guys can guess the reason to meet the doctor. Yes! She wanted to meet the doctor to operate her nose, in a hope to have a nose like Kylie Jenner.

Unfortunately Raba could not meet the doctor as she wasn’t popular there and also she didn’t have enough money. So, this was the reason why she wrote “Bandhobi”. To earn more money. Then after her horrible book became popular and she had the money to go to America again. This time she met the doctor, as the doctor also recognize her for her disastrous book. Raba told her problem to the doctor and consult from him.

But it is a matter of sorrow that the doctor had to say no! He said to the media that Raba’s nose was so big that he couldn’t operate. Sadly Raba had to come back to Bangladesh with her enormous nose. Her all the efforts goes in water. Even writing “Bandhobi” couldn’t help her. So now we can only say, better luck next time Raba! Can we give a sad react for this hard working lady? 1react= 1prayer


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