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Raba Khan Has Invented A New Language ‘Teeanager Der Language’


The hype started with the ICE today’s cover photo and its still going on with her new Banglish book ‘bandhobi’.  Raba has written few short stories  in this book. Basically she thinks, this book is the collection of 9 short stories.But we couldn’t be sure if she wrote the book thinking about this book is just hard copy of some PDF file of Facebook statues until Raba spoke out.


So she said  that she doesn’t have much skill in Bengal as she studied in English medium school. She could not become proficient in Bengal. So she has written her book in English., sorry Banglish. So she has written this book for teenagers as she thinks teenagers talk like this way. Also she said  she is 19 years old, in the age of the current generation, how  this generation’s people speak, she wrote the book that way.She think , she wrote the book in “teenager der language”. So now we know this is a new language. Also she told everyone not to take this book so seriously but she seems very serious to be a writer.


We still have so many question for writer of this month, Raba khan. We need to know how she is going to establish this new language.Is she going to fix any meeting  with  Language Resource Center  to establish this language globally?


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