Raba Khan And Khan Helal Refused To Celebrate Eid As They Couldn’t See Moon In The Sky

Raba Khan and Khan Helal appeared in such a mood earlier this morning that clearly showed that these two sensations weren’t interested to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitre as they couldn’t see the new moon in the sky. Many things have already happened in the last night regarding the rise of moon. National Committee of Watching Moon declared that it would take one more day to celebrate Eid day. It was their first declaration as they failed to see the new moon in the sky due to a cloudy sky. But, after getting several news of moon, they confirmed that the moon was in sky, but they failed to see it. So, they changed their decision later.

Finally, they declared that 5th of June is going to be the Eid day. In accordance with the declaration of National Committee of Watching Moon, people of the country are celebrating the day with a festive mood. But, two social media sensation Raba Khan and Khan Helal aren’t celebrating Eid day. While asked about the reason, they said, “We didn’t see the new moon with our own eyes. So, why do we believe others? We will celebrate our Eid when we will see the the new moon in the sky! “

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