‘Public-Private’ Debate Is Over; BUP Is Actually A Kindergarten

BUP authority imposed some rules and regulations over the choice of clothes of the students. They fixed the dress code. No student will be allowed in the university premises without that specified dress. It proves that it’s a kindergarten actually.

University is considered as an open place where a student can do what he wants to do. His thought gets momentum here. He can do everything unless it affects our ethics. So, dress is such a little issue that we never count. Everyone is allowed to wear what he/she wants to wear except nudity. But, BUP authority doesn’t think so. They specified students’ dress code that nobody can ignore. They are the first university in Bangladesh that did so.

We are very familiar with the debate of whether BUP is a public or a private university. There are several opinions on behalf and in against regarding the issue. But, the debate is over now. Because, dress code is seen in a kindergarten. So, BUP is neither a provate university nor a private university; rather it’s a kindergarten!

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