PUBG Player Beaten By His Future Self In-game And Told Not To Play Again

Time and Space in concept is something that’s hard to explain and one that became harder to get around by Zaheed after this incident.Once he was playing PUBG in a late Saturday afternoon; in the outskirts of Miramar. After his squad were getting flanked, he spotted someone with the same name he has, with the exception of few more digits. They both played almost the same way, in fact he was beginning to be surprised yet amazed by the other’s guys skills as if he could predict everybit.

The incident is pretty much similar to the meme we see about spiderman pointing pointing spiderman, where we see two spidermen but this was something that legit happened.
Zaheed freaked out and left playing PUBG and he sworn never to play ever again and he also deleted PUBG from his phone, tab and pc. He told his parents he isn’t going to ruin his future after being warned by his future self who looked like a freaking drug addict.

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