PUBG Mobile Streamer Gets Beaten By His Mother And Father On LIVE Cam

PUBG mobile streaming is a new trend of Bangladesh nowadays. As a casual game with a good voice chatting platform, it brings people closer. So people from a wide range of ages and occupation plays PUBG mobile in Bangladesh.

Back to the main story. It was one sunny day. A deshi brother was streaming as usual. Maybe he was called by his mom several times for maybe something important idk. But he wasn’t responding and was so much concentrated on the game.

All of a sudden out of nowhere his mom came out and started to beat him on live. As it was a funny thing to watch but still it makes me sad because it pictures the suffering of the deshi streamers or overall gamers. Hope this situation will improve soon. Here’s a video of the whole occurrence.Leave a sad emoji for our brother. *credit of the video solely goes to the channel*

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