PUBG Airplanes Are In Better Condition than Biman Bangladesh

The national flag carrier of our country is known as Biman Bangladesh Airlines, commonly known as Biman. The title of this article does not mean to focus on the pilots, crew members of the said airlines. They are actually fantastic. The skills of our pilots are second to none, this is one of the safest airlines in the world right now. And the crew members should be applauded as well, especially for their patience in regularly dealing with passengers who try to abort the plane before it even has landed properly.

Just as the tires of the plane touch the ground, you are bound to see passengers fight it out in an in-plane battle royale to retrieve their luggage bags from the overhead compartments as if only 1 passenger would be allowed to leave the plane with their luggage intact.

We are talking about the administration of the airlines. They have been stained with corruption one after another. Recently, the Anti-Corruption Commission( ACC) has submitted a probe report on graft allegations of Biman Bangladesh Airlines and civil aviation sector in over 8 types and 11 areas( as reported by Dhaka Tribune). From the embezzlement of money in ticket sales to aircraft leasing and cargo transport, these are the sectors most affected by corruption, which led to the national carrier not making any profits in the previous year.

Biman has the potential to be one of the best national flag carriers out there, the administration should have that goal in mind and move forward in the future, it is their duty to make sure this unrealized prospective is reached. As for the airplanes in PUBG, hey, at least they are always on time, right? And the people from Noakhali could always jump off with their parachute after eating the free meal inside the aircraft, this is only possible in PUBG.


Written by the flying cow

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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