in Just Revealed All The Anonymous Users’ Name has taken Facebook by storm. Most teenagers and young adults are going crazy over expressing their love for one another through However, there are others who are also expressing their hatred and envy through this platform. Reportedly, there have been over 8 million users of this app and people are actually sharing their anonymous feeling to others.

Finally, Sham, a guy had added his childhood crush Sarah over Facebook after gathering a lot of courage. However, he never had the audacity to knock her through messenger. Therefore, they never had any sort of communication between them. One thing that he had done is ‘love react’ all her pictures and ‘haha react’ all the memes that she would share.

Well, that was his way of giving signs that he’s down for him.

Just the newly invented Facebook app has been a way for Sham to express his feelings to Sarah. He immediately opened an account, as soon as he came to know that Sarah does use that account and there have been many other guys who had expressed their feelings. Sarah had shown humility towards them for which Sham also thought of expressing his feelings through this app.

Sham expressed how he had been in love with her for the past 8 years, since grade 7. He also mentioned how Sarah has grown up to become a beautiful lady. He directly mentioned that he wants to marry her someday.

Sarah received this message and shared it in her ‘my day’ via Facebook. Surprisingly, after 3 days, had revealed all the names of the anonymous guys who had confessed their names using the app. Sarah received a notification about all the names of people who had expressed their feelings to her through

To Sham’s surprise, that very day, he received a message on his messenger from Sarah. He was beyond happy and that’s it, a new love has bloomed just for revealing the names of their users. Thank you, for you, Sham and Sarah has finally found themselves.

On a different note, bad luck to all those of you who expressed hatred and envy through as your most disliked person is now aware that you are FAKE!

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