Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Rooh Afza Was Served On Board


A Boeing 777 en route from Istanbul to Kathmandu was forced to land outside Kabul, after Rooh Afza was served on board. All passengers on board are safe now.


This incident occurred after Rooh Afza was served on board with other regular drinks. Those who took Rooh Afza became hysterical for more; they demanded that it gave them godlike exuberance.

The Rooh Afza addicts claimed that Rooh Afza gave them super human abilities and they wanted to jump off from the airplane because they could fly home regardless of the fact that they were 40,000 feet above the ground.

Giving the condition of the Rooh Afza drinkers, the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing right outside Kabul, although the plane was badly damaged but everyone was found to be safe inside.


As fire-fighters reached the spot, they found that some of the passengers were not willing to get out of the plane if they were not given Rooh Afza but they were finally persuaded to get out of the broken plane when fake pictures were shown to them of Rooh Afza bottles waiting for them outside the air field.

After the incident Rooh Afza was banned on all commercial and private airlines on grounds of security and safety.


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