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Pewdiepie Told His Subscribers To Unsubscribe From Salman In His Latest Video


The war between Tahseenation and Salman Muqtadir hasn’t gone well for Salman. He has lost over 100,000 subscribers in the past 3 days.


It was already tough for Salman to recover these 100,000 subscribers but now, it’s going to be even tougher. Pewdiepie has decided to add some kerosene to this drama and make Salman lose even more subscribers by telling his fans to unsubscribe from Salman.


Pewdiepie is the biggest subscriber of all time, 100 times bigger than Tahseenation. So, the damage that he can cause to Salman will also be 100 times more than Tahseenation. This could actually be the end of Salman TheBrownFish once and for all.


Written by Vegeta

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