People On Facebook Are Getting Blocked By Their Friends For Spoiling Avengers Endgame

For superhero movie fans, Avengers: End Game is the end of an era. The movie that started in 2012 is about to end in 2019. This film has become a global cultural event. Everyone wants to watch it as soon as it releases but only a few fortunate ones can watch it, and what if that fortunate one tries to spoil it for you?

24th April, 2019. Avengers got released in China, and other parts of South East Asia. Fortunately or unfortunately, Mahmud was there in China for a short vacation on that very day the movie got released. He’s not a superhero movie fan. Somehow he got to know the movie got released in China and took the decision of watching it before any of his friends does and SPOIL it for everyone.

As soon as he entered the theater, he gave a facebook check-in which said- Dm me for Avengers: Endgame spoilers. So, after the movie ended, he went to facebook to give spoilers. But there was something else waiting for him. His news feed was completely empty. All his friends deleted and blocked him as soon as he put up the status. Not only Facebook, he lost all his Instagram and Snapchat followers. He tried calling some of his friends, but his number was blocked as well.

It’s an Endgame of Mahmud.

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