People Living In Australia Are Fake People Paid By NASA


We all know that NASA has already proved using satellites, GPS & images that Earth is round but there are people who believe that Earth is flat and they are accusing that they have evidence that the space agency is lying. Birmingham city includes the believers of flat Earth, where 200 people came together in a three days convention and confirmed that the Earth is a giant pancake.


These flat Earth believers reported that Australia is not real. If you have Australian friends then they are actually actors and computer-generated personas. And if you think you have ever been to Australia that is actually part of South America, where they have freed space and recruited actors to act as real Australians, even the Pilot of your airplane are also engaged in this conspiracy.


They added, all things that we call proof that Australia exists, actually are all well-fabricated documents and deception made by the dominant governments of the world.


Written by AKM Salman Haque

A creative Professional. Contributing society as a Pharmacist.

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