People Are Buying Red & White Raincoat For Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh is only a couple of days away and there’s a possibility that nobody would be able to go outside due to heavy rain. It rains almost everyday now and places like Mirpur and Bashundhara has turned into rivers, the roads aren’t even visible. So, the possibilities of raining on 14th April is really high.

Modern problems require modern solutions and people have figured out the solution to this problem. People aren’t trying to stop it from raining instead they are planning what they will do if it rains and they came up with the solution that they’ll wear red & white colored raincoats on Pohela Boishakh. I am not sure if this is an incredibly brilliant idea or a super weird idea that somehow makes sense. Either way, people have started buying red & white raincoats which has made the sales of raincoats rise by 200%.

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