Pathao Food Delivery Guy Delivered Half Eaten ‘Biriyani’ – Where Did The Other Half Go?


Who does not have the craving for ‘Biriyani?’ Yes, we all have. People travel miles to have a genuine taste of it. Puran Dhaka’s ‘Biriyani’ outlet is country famous and they are the professional in the preparation of it. Mostly, we had to go to the shop to fulfill our desire of having it. But, nowadays it’s just a call away, to bring ‘Biriyani’ at home. Puran Dhaka’s boy ‘Razib’ eats ‘Biriyani’ four times a day. His mother never has to worry about him as her only son is living on this healthy diet and she does not have to cook for him.


It saves a lot of time for her. His ‘Biriyani’ son is a great blessing especially for a working mother like her. Razib’s three girlfriends left him because of his weird taste of the meal. Last week he was sitting idle on his sofa. At around 10 pm he called the food delivery service to bring ‘Chicken Biriyani’. He had a long day and finally looked happy because the food was coming. Let us now see the other side of the coin. The life of a food distribution man is nothing but wasting time at a traffic jam. That night the delivery man, ‘Manik Mia’ was about to deliver ‘Biriyani’ to Razib’s house.

On his way, he took a shortcut to reach quickly. He was moving through a small road and suddenly got tired. To get energy, he opened the ‘Biriyani’ packet and ate half of it. Finally, glucose started to run in his blood again to give energy. Manik Mia, became anxious as he wasted the client’s product. So, he managed to escape from such a danger by managing a ‘tape’ and fixed it around the ‘Biriyani packet’. After that, it looked fresh again.


Soon getting the delivery, Razib could feel that the packet was lighter than the usual. And as soon as he gave the money, the delivery man disappeared like a ‘Jinny’. He opened it and found it was eaten half, even the piece of chicken was not there. Razib cried out in anger and started calling the delivery man. But, no response was found.


Written by AKM Salman Haque

A creative Professional. Contributing society as a Pharmacist.

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