Parents Cancel Netflix Subscription After Son Caught Watching “FRIENDS” – We Don’t Want Him To Die A Virgin


Yasin and Nafisa have been married for the past 15 years and have a 14 year old child, Yakub. Yakub, having recently entered his adolscent years has begun to discover multiple English sitcoms, notably crowd favorite – ‘FRIENDS’.


Having watched friends, Yakub began picking up many of the quirky personalities of the cast and this bothered his parents. One day, Yakubs’ parents walked into his room to witness perhaps the worst thing he has done till date – BINGED WATCHED FRIENDS! They immediately took away his phone, netflix subscription and removed all relevant channels from television. In an exclusive interview with 14AGAIN, they said

Look, We don’t want our child to die a virgin. Everyone who has watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S as a teenager has never gotten laid and they never will. Our children are important to us and we are doing this in their best interest.


Yakub has been reported to now have been watching Zebra Coitus Videos on Discovery Channel on a 24 hour basis.


Written by Bhallagena

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