Pakistan Decided To Leave The World Cup Before Facing Bangladesh

After seeing a stunning batting display of Bangladesh team against South Africa, Pakistan captain Sharfaraz Ahmed has decided to leave world cup as soon as possible so that they don’t have to face Bangladesh. Brendon McCullum has mocked Bangladesh by excluding them from world cup competitors. Bangladesh replied with their bat in their very first match against South Africa. It has showed the world that how good and improved side Bangladesh team is! As each of the team of this tournament will have to face one another at least once, Pakistan must face Bangladesh.

Pakistan lost their first match against Newzealand in their fist match. Now, they know that this world cup is going to be a shame for them. To avoid more embarrassment, all the players of the Pakistan team along with their captain Sharfaraz Ahmed, agreed to leave the world cup so that they don’t have to face this brutal Bangladesh team.

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