Paedophile Boyfriend Failed 3 Times In Exam To Be In The Same Class With His Girlfriend

There was a time when teenagers used to wake up in the morning and would peacefully go to the field to play football. Relationship didn’t bother them. But nowadays relationship has changed. Relationship now has different kinds just like the relationship between Mahia and Manik.

So basically Manik fell in love with Mahia when he was in grade 10. By that time Mahia was in grade 7. These 14 year old girls fall in love with these senior guys blindly. So therefore it wasn’t hard for Manik to win her heart. Manik was dating her happily until his friends came to know everything. Since then his friends started to call him a paedophile and was forcing him to break up with her. By that time Manik was in deep love with her. Manik did not know what to do. After some period the final exams was near and Manik was not prepared for that.Manik gave his finals with confusion. He spent the vacation quite nicely. Manik came to know he failed on the report card day. He failed so bad that his friends thought that he failed on purpose. His friends were shocked by what Manik has done to be with Mahia. I wish his friends knew that it wasn’t the case.

By that time Manik has decided to fail two more times for his girlfriend. Rumors say that he didn’t more than 12 marks on finals. After failing 2 more times, he and his girlfriend were finally in the same grade but didn’t last for long as his girlfriend broke up with him. Manik failed the finals again due to depression. So his 3 grade junior girlfriend became his senior after what he has gone through.


Written by Martin Atkinson

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