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Oxford, MIT, Harvard Students Coming To Dhaka For 10 Tk TSC Snacks


After the viral speech of VC Mohammad Akhtaruzaman at the freshers reception of Dhaka University, all the flights from USA to Dhaka, UK to Dhaka have been booked. So, who booked them? These air tickets were booked by the students of universities like MIT, Caltech, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge.


What encouraged them to spend on the tickets to Dhaka. They said, all they achieved in their student life is Nobel prize, Wolf prize, Kabul Price and so on but their universities never offered them tea, chop and samucha at 10 Tk. They were not just heartbroken but they also started protesting in their universities to introduce burger, pizza at 10 cents.


One of the students from Oxford said, all he wanted was foods at 10 cent but all he got was Nobel prize. With broken heart, he booked his flight and hotel in Dhaka. So, let’s decrease the price more and welcome the fellow international friends to Dhaka for eating 10 Tk munchies at TSC.


Written by John Cena


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