OFFICIAL: Mirpur Is The New Venice

Mirpur, wonder of Dhaka city. It’s famous For its benarosi polli, never ending traffic jam, national zoo. It’s also famous among couples for its botanical garden (if you know what I mean). It’s another attraction is its temporary water clog which is called Cox’s bazar of the poor. During a rainy day one can enjoy the rain in a boat here in Mirpur. You can even see cars passing by you while enjoying metro rail project. With all this wonderful visiting sources Mirpur has now become a tourist spot for people. People are even coming from another places to Dhaka just to visit Mirpur. People of Mirpur are really happy about it. Some travel agencies are providing various packages and offers. Enjoy your visit to Mirpur folks!


Written by Night Fury

Currently a student. Little bit of introvert who also loves to travel. Love to read books, watch movies and series.

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