NSU Student To Start A Petition To Change Valentine’s Day To Sister’s Day


Oh, the woes of being single on 14th of February; it is probably the most single dreadful day of the year for any single person. And not just the date itself but the days leading to it can also be equally dreadful.


We have come across a story from a source that a 20-year-old student (whose identity is unknown) from North South University wants to change that, if not for all of Bangladesh but at least his university. Recently a Pakistani University – University of Agriculture in Faisalabad have decided that it will be observing Sister’s day on 14th of February from now on to promote “Islamic traditions”.

Following this news and getting inspired by it the NSU student have secretly contacted the University administration regarding this and following their advice he will start a petition among students to enforce the change. Even though the identity of this individual is not known by us, we can positively say that it will not remain the same since he must come out and spearhead the campaign. Our source who is close to this unknown individual also told us that his campaign is not due to religious motif rather because he couldn’t get a Valentine in 3 years in a row.


I think many of us can relate to him even though most of us will not go to such length to alleviate our state of lonely hood. We are very interested to see how far this is going to go and will follow the story to see whether if it’ll ever come to fruition.

Following all uncertainty with this news, what we can say with certainty is that the couples of NSU might not take this news in a positive light, yet at the same time it might be the best news for every loner out there. We will keep following this story and keep you updated, and if you happen to know the identity of the individual do let us know.


Written by Goodboi

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