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NSU Student Is Going To Get Nobel Prize For Taking University Clubs So Seriously


Afnan is a BBA student from NSU and also a member of  NSU ‘s two famous clubs. He is very sincere about clubs. He is a pure active member. He takes clubs so seriously that he even missed many CTs for club’s activities. His CGPA is getting low but he doesn’t care,club’s certificates gonna give him a job. He works so hard for the clubs


.He thinks, adding works at XYZ club , gonna make his facebook profile heavy. He doesn’t have time to spend with his family and friends.He wakes up early n the morning and goes to work in the clubs. He saves his money and feeds everyone in the clubs. He suffers in the summer , winter and rain but he doesn’t let his club to suffer.

Whenever his friends knock him to chill out with them he does answer them almost always with ” Dost I have an official meeting in my club” His girlfriend even broke up with him for not coming on her doggo’s birthday for his club activities.He left his girlfriend but not the clubs.He even missed his sister’s wedding for club’s annual program.


So for his tremendous performance and dedication Nobel Prize Giving Committee has decided they will open a new category and that is LOVE FOR CLUB. They will nominate the members those take club so seriously. So Afnan is going to get Nobel Prize in this year for his sincerity about the clubs , but of course in his dream.


Written by Eleven

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