NSU Student Hit Her Ex With New Boyfriend’s Bike Following The Meme “Hit Your Ex For 10k Taka”


Now-a-days people initiate varioud things to bother their ex. Memes related to ex are also very much in vogue. Such a meme got hit a few days ago where the title was “Hit your Ex For 10k Taka.”


Mithila, a student from NSU was heavily influenced by the meme as she grabbed the idea of the meme. So she decided to follow it. When her boyfriend came to her varsity on his Yamaha R15 V2 bike, she rode on it for a whole. Suddenly she saw her ex coming towards them. Then she suddenly started driving the bike.


As she wasn’t skilled enough to drive it, she drove it for a while randomly, hit her ex with the bike & broke the headlight of the bike. That incident made a huge chaos as she had to say sorry to her ex whom she never said sorry during their entire relationship.So keep in mind always when u follow a trend otherwise u might have to sacrifice your ego for following any trend.


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