NSU Student Cheated Her Entire Family


The flat I live in is 3A. The people who lives beside us in 3B are very gentle and religious people. The owner lives with his wife and their only daughter. They are so religious that everyone tends to follow them. The daughter and her mother is always wearing a naqab that their eyes are hardly seen. My mom always taunts my sister to be like our Hossain uncle’s daughter.


My sister was very urged to see her face and so was I. All I knew about her was her first name because I could sometime hear her mother calling out, ” Ai Anikaa ” from the other side. Finding her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter was nearly impossible because there was a million Anika Tabassum even when I searched only for Anika.


I always used to think, whether she actually goes out with her friends like this or did anyone have ever saw her face apart from her family. Until one day, I could find an Anika in my Instagram but I was 100% sure that it wasn’t her. Her bio was something like- ” Teen, Traveller, Foodie, IUB-ian ” But I had no other way to ensure it because the only person who saw her face was my mother. As she visits them more often. I knew it wasn’t her, because all she had in her Instagram was her belly button and the tiktok videos.Until a day came and my sister was stalking her tiktok videos and my mother was passing by and told her, ” Ki je shob dekhos sharata din de toh dekhi ” and took the phone from her hands.

She was stunned for around like a couple of minutes and didn’t utter a word. My sister thought she is angry or annoyed seeing such videos but the words she uttered later, made me and my sister stunned for the rest of our life. ” Eta toh Hossain bhai er meye, Anika “


Written by Adnan Aftab

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